About our restaurant hall

K25 is something that Stockholm has been missing. A lively Restaurant Hall where you can buy good food from early lunch to late dinner, come after work or order takeaway. Come visit every day and always find something new and updated from the different cuisines of the world.

With us you can order to take home or to work or settle down at one of our 250 seats. Several of us also serve beer and wine.

We at K25 are restaurants that love to cook good food quickly. Feel free to read more about the individual restaurants on the site — or most simply: Come in and taste!

At Bar Schiacciate we serve the Italian schiacciata bread, which is a cold leavened and airy bread. Because it ferments for two days, the bread does not have the same feeling of satiety as other breads. When ordered, we bake the bread in a pizza oven, slice it up and fill it with cold-cut charcuterie, fresh vegetables, mixes and cheeses. Bar Schiacciate is a popular sandwich bar where the bread is the mainstay and the sandwiches are prepared to order.

Online order https://www.barschiacciate.se Bar-Schiacciate

Bun Meat Bun was founded by two burger enthusiasts 2012 with a belief in simpler and better burgers. All our burgers are made to order and consists only of fresh, ground chuck smashed thin on the griddle for that lovely crust.

Our soft and pillowy burger buns are classic American potato rolls. The condiments are carefully chosen to create a sum that is better than all parts individually.

We have fries that are thin, crispy and with the skin on for extra flavour. We mix our milkshakes by hand and they’re made from high quality ice cream from Lejonet & Björnen and some half-and-half.
Quality is everything to us – and we will not compromise.

Online order Order: 0723-787945 https://www.bunmeatbun.se/

All across France, there are sandwich bars, little holes in the wall where the common denominator is that everything is served in bread. This is the inspiration for our menu. At Snack Bar you eat both American sandwiches and kebab, but “in French”.

The heart of Snack Bar is the kebab. We make our kebab with calf meat, which has been bbq:ed slowly before quickly fried. This comes with Tunisian harissa, mayonnaise and vegetables in a leaf-thin and steaming hot galette —  which tastes best if eaten right away.

At Snack Bar we cook our dishes to perfection using the best ingredients. The result is good and filling food, ready to be eaten on the spot.

Order: 08-799 00 00 snack-bar.se

At Nū, we combine the sinful with the healthy in an urban, contemporary dining experience. The philosophy is simple: the food must be good, for the soul, health and the planet. All food at Nū is free of gluten and lactose, prepared from scratch with respect for animals and nature. We serve our interpretation of famous fast food icons and create a fiction inspired by food worlds that inspire us. In terms of taste, we move in Japan, Hong Kong and Korea but also in the worlds between comfort food, fast food and superfood. On the menu you will find dishes such as fake noodles, koreatacos, KFC, and Nū black sesame bun burger.

Online order www.nusthlm.com

Asian fast food with a mix of street food and traditional dishes quickly served. Here you’ll find dishes such as a Vietnamese pho and a Thai Tom Kha Gai. Korean bibimbap or Thai curries. Yoi offers a varied but easy-to-navigate menu complete with an assortment of Japanese sencha- (green) and bubble tea.

Online order Order: 08-403 793 53 yoi.se

At Hattori Sushi Devil, we serve both traditional and innovative sushi, prepared by some of the best sushi chefs we’ve encountered outside Japan. We offer more than twenty different kinds of fish and always follow the basic rules for traditional sushi making: Cutting the fish after your order for maximal freshness.

The chefs are constantly developing the menu and love to use unexpected ingredients such as fruit and fresh herbs to create new flavor experiences. The table soy, for example, comes in three different flavors: original, lemon and smokey.

Online order Order: 08-21 29 29 hattorisushidevil.se

Our food is part of Wang family meals, originating from chinese streetfood and adding international influences. We make all of our dishes from scratch in our own kitchen, using fresh ingrediences.

Online order Order: 08-21 58 88

At MALMØ we serve our version of a really good falafel. Our idea has always been to serve as fresh and well thought out food as possible. Without making it difficult.
Good taste combinations, good raw materials and organic products are important to us.
We draw inspiration from Skåne and the Middle East, but of course Malmö is a little extra important for us and our range. Therefore, we are extremely happy to also be able to serve a halloumi produced by a family in Malmö.

All our food is cooked from scratch and on site!
We who run the restaurant are Fatima Dalí, Jimmy Dalí and Jason Diakité with our fantastic staff.

Order: 0763-27 70 20 malmofalafel.com

Mama is a restaurant with a rotisserie in the heart of the kitchen. We use a horizontal multi-skewer rotisserie to achieve maximum output for our raw materials. We focus mainly on farm chicken, pork side and chuck roll. You could say we stand with one leg in New York, and the other in East London. However, there is a clear European feel in Mama and K25’s mix of different cuisines that feel perfect for the food we cook and also love to eat.

Online order Order: 08 6151600 www.instagram.com/mamadeliciousroasts